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  UnitedProducts TC-2091 Tire Changer and WB-1100 Wheel Balancer Combo
UnitedProducts TC-2091 Tire Changer and WB-1100 Wheel Balancer Combo
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Tire Changer TC-2091 and Wheel Balancer WB-1100
Our Price: $2,695.00

Product Code: WBTCRF

TC Opt. 1:
TC Deluxe MC/ATV/LR Adapters [Add $199.00]

TC Opt. 2:
Poly-Coated Mounting Head [Add $199.00]

TC Opt. 3:
Hands-Free Clamp [Add $149.00]

TC Opt. 4:
Left-Side Assist Arm [Add $649.00]

WB Opt. 1:
Balancer Hood [Add $149.00]

WB Opt. 2:
Truck Adapters [Add $199.00]

WB Opt. 3:
"Lug-Centric" Univ. Adapter [Add $499.00]

WB Opt. 4:
Motorcycle Adapters [Add $250.00]

WB Opt. 5:
Motorcycle/XLT Adapters [Add $450.00]

Description Technical Specs

AAE presents the TC-2091 Single Assist Run Flat Tire Changer and WB-1100 Wheel Balancer, now available as a complete wheel service package – offering additional savings to our customers.

The package includes:
• TC-2091 Run-Flat Style Tire Changer with Single Assist Arm for tires with a maximal rim diameter of 28"
• WB-1100 Wheel Balancer for tires with a maximal rim diameter of 28"

Click here to see the tire changer video
Click here to see the wheel balancer video

AAE's 40+ years of experience as a vertically integrated automotive equipment supplier allow us to provide our customers with the best value - the finest equipment on the market, at the lowest possible price.

TC-2091 Single Assist Run Flat Tire Changer

The TC-2091 is a commercial-grade tire changer, capable of handling the stiffest sidewalls. Quickly and easily change run-flats, low profiles, and stiff wall tires. Its extra-large clamping table makes it easy to handle the most challenging high-performance tires.

Run-flat style tire-changer
Single assist helper arm for low profile and stiff wall tires
Powerful pneumatic bead breaker
Four pneumatic poly-coated rim clamps
Internal or external rim locking
Double-acting cylinder
Mounting bar
Water separator
Air regulator
Soap reservoir
"Jet-Blast" inflation

ATV Adapters
Large Rim Adapters
Motorcycle Adapters
Poly-coated mounting head ("duck-head")

The TC-2091 Tire Changer. VALUE… FOR YOU

Ease of Use
The UnitedProducts TC-2091 makes tire changing tasks quick and easy. It allows a single operator to position and hold down the tire with total control - safely and efficiently. The TC-2091 has an "assist arm" to help demount the most challenging low-profile and stiff-wall tires. Its mobility allows you to position it properly on tires of all sizes and shapes and quickly complete the change.

Bead Breaking Made Easy
NPF’s tire changers are supplied with a powerful bead breaking system, providing effortless separation of the bead from the rim. At the press of a pedal, the TC-2091’s pneumatic bead breaker applies 5500 pounds of pressure – and you’re ready to demount the tire.

Comprehensive Rim Protection
The TC-2091's optional "duck-head" mounting head is poly-coated to protect rims. In fact, all every part that may contact the rim - rollers, shovel, and clamps, is coated with the same protective poly-based material.

Space Saving Design
The massive tower on the TC-2091 provides all of the pressure required for the "jet blast" used to seal the bead. The tower's efficient cylindrical shape stores a greater volume of air, providing all the pressure needed for the blast -with no need for an external storage tank.This efficient design saves shop space and reduces the chance of damage to the unit.

Special Attention to Moving Parts
At NPF, we listen to our customers! If you speak to many users of tire changers, their number one complaint will be about "broken pedals". So, to help protect your investment in our tire changers, we pay special attention to the quality of moving parts. For instance, the TC-2091's foot pedal configuration has been designed for and tested under extreme pressure, assuring you years of trouble-free use.

WB-1100 Wheel Balancer

The WB-1100 is a commercial-grade, highly durable wheel balancing system, designed for years of reliable service. Ideal for busy automotive service shops and tire stores, the system is fully computerized and self-calibrating. No need for service calls!

Fully computerized, self-calibrating wheel balancer
Ergonomic computer console
Belt-driven wheel rotation
Weight storage compartment
Three centering cones included
Ounce/gram and inch/mm selectable
Static (at rest) and dynamic (in-motion) balancing
4 dynamic balancing programs
Quick-release lug nut
Pre-programmed cycle with automatic braking

Balancer Hood Guard
Motorcycle Adapters
Truck Set

The WB-1100 Wheel Balancer. VALUE… FOR YOU

Service-Free Self Calibration
The UnitedProducts WB-1100 Wheel Balancer keeps your expenses down with its self-calibrating, on-board computer, making service calls a thing of the past.

Quick Operation

The WB-1100 saves you time and effort. With a few keystrokes on its easy-to-use computer console, input the wheel dimensions, select the balancing program, and you’re ready to roll! At the end of the cycle, the unit brakes automatically. In addition, the WB-1100 comes with a quick-release lug nut that speeds up balancing operations.

Cost Efficient, Low-Speed Balancing
The highly efficient WB-1100 integrates highly sensitive electronics that provide optimal balancing at relatively low speeds (under 200 rpm), extending motor life and reducing cycle times.

Customer Confidence

Your confidence is important to us. So when you make your decision to purchase a top-value wheel service package, please keep the following in mind:

• The TC-2091 Tire Changer and WB-1100 Wheel Balancer are commercial-grade machines, ideally suited for heavy shop use.

• NPF offers a 1-year warranty on parts - from top to bottom! NPF stocks an enormous parts inventory.

• We offer a lifetime telephone technical support warranty. Having a technical difficulty with the unit? Call toll-free and speak to a member of our industry-leading support team. We can provide this support in either English or Spanish. And remember, this warranty lasts for the entire LIFE OF YOUR MACHINE!

• NPF has been in the automotive equipment business since 1969. As a highly experienced equipment provider, we know that we put our reputation on the line with every tire changer and wheel balancer we sell and support. That's why we remain committed to you, the customer, long after you have made your purchase.

ISO-9000 Certified Manufacturer

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