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UnitedProducts WB-1100 Wheel Balancer FAQ

Q: Do you have a video that demonstrates the operation of the WB-1100?
A: Yes, we do! Click here to see the product video.

Q: I'm not sure if I'm mounting the tire properly on the WB-1100, can you help?
A: Be glad to! Click here to have a look at this short video clip.

Q: I received the error message "Err 5" on the computer panel. What action should I take?
A: Make sure the hood is lowered. Call our tech support at 800-637-2884 if you still are experiencing problems.

Q: I just finished installing the WB-1100, and I see that it's displaying weights in grams - how do I get it to display ounces?
A: Here's your answer - it's very simple. Click here to watch this video, and you'll be set up in just a minute!

Q: The calibration of the WB-1100 looks difficult, can you explain how to do it?
A: A picture (or demonstration video) is worth a thousand words, right? Click here and watch as our guy walks you through the calibration process.

Q: How do I mount a dually tire on the WB-1100?
A: Click here to see how to attach the adaptor and mount an extra large or dually tire.

Q: I'm not sure how to attach the motorcycle adaptor to the WB-1100. Can you help?
A: Absolutely! Click here and check out this video with detailed instructions on using the adaptor and mounting the motorcycle tire.

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